How Do the Fans of the Oakland Raiders Feel Regarding The Team Moving to Las Vegas

Oakland Raiders has been a part of the NFL since the 1960s, and they have built a great fanbase. The Oakland Raiders from 2008 to 2018 have an attendance average of nearly 58,000 people. There is countless other diehard Raiders’ fan, but it seems it was not enough for the Raiders’ franchise. The franchise is familiar with moving and returning to the city Oakland, California; however, when the city of Las Vegas, Nevada came calling with help and support to build a new stadium that is estimated to cost almost $1.9 billion, the Raiders decided to make the move. The move to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2020 would be the first time the franchise moved out of state. It would also mean that there will more than likely be no return. There are many fans feel that this is not right, and there are other fans who ready to welcome the Raiders to a new city.

There are fans everywhere who cheer for the Black and Silver, the Oakland Raiders. They remember the Heidi Bowl game that occurred in 1968, when coach John Madden joined the team in 1969 and the three Super Bowl wins that occurred in 1977, 1981, and 1984; however, they will not forget Raiders move to another city. The news of a move to Las Vegas, Nevada was not well-received by the fanbase that exists in the state of California. There are football fans who will continue to be Raiders’ fans despite where they play. There is a fanbase for the Raiders in the city of Sacramento, California who will be sad who will not be able to load up the buses to take trips to see the Raiders play. The Raiders fans in the city of Las Vegas are split into two groups. The first group of fans likes the idea of having a new professional football in their city. The second group of fans like having the team in Oakland, and its’ football tradition to have the Raiders playing in Oakland; therefore, they do not want the Raiders to move.

Many of the fans despise the move because they feel the move is about putting more money in the pockets of owners. There are fans who will support the Raiders but felt more could have been done to keep the Raiders in the City of Oakland. Fans do not want to give up the traditions of going to games and tailgating. Many fans of the Raiders will continue to cheer for Raiders, but they will not buy any merchandise with the name Las Vegas Raiders. The city of Oakland has gone as far as to create a lawsuit against the team. The lawsuit was done because the city felt the Raiders needed to be held accountable for damages to city and fans that will be caused by the move to Las Vegas. The city residents also are still paying for renovations to the stadium that lured the team back from the city of Los Angeles in the mid-1990s. The cost is estimated to be nearly $100 million. Many fans who fill the Black Hole, the nickname for the Raiders’ stadium, would consider going to Las Vegas to check out a game and to see how the new stadium would look. There are fans who swear they will never visit the new stadium in Las Vegas.

There are many fans that feel the move to Las Vegas will never be able to recreate the camaraderie that exists in Oakland. There is a lot of football history with the Raiders franchise, and several bits of history for fans who grew up watching the Raiders play. The memories of loved ones attending the game and several other traditions cannot continue once the team moves. Many fans do not agree with it. The fans feel the NFL and team does not care about a loyal fanbase instead it is all about the revenue that can be gained with a move to a new city. Some fans feel if the Raiders want to leave, the team should be required to change the name. It is more of an effort to show they are loyal fans who feel the team belongs in Oakland and not in the middle of a desert that has no real football tradition.

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